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Ancient News

Legofriendly on "Coppe in a Pill" (Sept. 25th)

Bergbahn, Legofriendly and Scriptones on "Variations for Commune Disc" remix album (Feb. 25th)

Scriptones with track on "Test Tone Anthology" (release party: Oct. 27th)

Dancecult, Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture Vol.1, No.1 (Fall) features article on IDM

Nobara's free MP3 EP, "Trail", out now on IA (March 24th) --> [IA.005]

Scriptones and Bergbahn release a minimal track on moph label (March 19th)

Hauschka's "Snowflakes and Carwrecks" released on FatCat (Feb. 23rd)

Legofriendly's 2nd album, "Egg Beater" available from iTunes and Amazon --> [IA.004]

Midori Hirano releases second album "klo:yuri" from noble label (Oct. 10th)

Trico! releases second album "everyday trip" from flyrec label (Sept. 6th), featuring Hauschka as participating artist

Sora's "Live at Metro" free mp3 release downloaded 2,000 times -->[IA.002]

Legofriendly's "Flotsam" on Schole Magazine Vol.6 compilation album (August)

Legofriendly's 2nd album, "Egg Beater" OUT NOW (June 7th) --> [IA.004]

Missing Man Foundation offer remix of Legofriendly's track 'Fidget' (free mp3)

Legofriendly, Midori Hirano, Otograph, Ken'ichi Itoi, Hosomi & Aen play live at Urbanguild, Kyoto (July 24)

Mapstation, Robert Lippok, To Roccoco Rot; Atom Heart, etc live at Aoyama Cay &ndash 1000 yen discount (April 24th; 27th)

Mapstation – new free mp3 on IA: "Franziskus"

Colleen & Hauschka Japan Tour 2008 (Jan. 22 to 28)
--> Info in Japanese

Filfla releases "Frolicfon" on Weather/ Headz (Jan. 20)

Hidenobu Ito – techno and other 'elegant' electronic pop music in profile on IA

Kazumasa Hashimoto's new album, Euphoriam, to be released on Dec. 14th

Intervall-audio mp3 label releases MDDA by Kumiko Okamura --> [IA.003]

Piana's "Eternal Castle" scheduled for June 8th

Intervall-audio live concert: "Four Solo Performances in Electronic Music" in Tokyo at Loop Line (10 May, 木)

IA music research features new links to online articles

Scriptones reboots 'script' and 'tones' in profile on IA

Intervall-audio mp3 label releases Sora's "Live at Metro" --> [IA.002]

Flyrec sublabel Permanent release: "Simple" by Håkan Lidbo + Alex Van Heerden

Hauschka releases "Room to Expand" on FatCat

Silva & Scriptones with new track called 'canawa'

Midori Hirano — sensual & exuberant female electronic music in profile on IA

Hauschka's experimental piano music gives room to expand in profile on IA

Legofriendly celebrate "Form EP" re-release at Test Tone vol.17 (Nov. 7)

Fourcolor releases his "Letter of Sounds" on Taylor Deupree's 12k

Intervall-audio mp3 label
releases Legofriendly's "Form EP" --> [IA.001]

Legofriendly and many more play at Yoyogi Park PingMag Festival (Sep. 3rd) --> Test Tone s p e c i a l !!

miho folio is the 10th flyrec release, one of Tokyo's most versatile & exciting labels today (Aug. 26th)

Bergbahn "remixes vol. 2" to be released (Aug. 14th)

IA link section features many new high-quality links to sites & resources

Mapstation album release on Pole's ~scape label

Dill latest "contemporary"
re-release by Headz mag.

Hashimoto Kazumasa
3rd album "Gllia" on noble

Legofriendly plays at
Coppe's 10th Anniversary release party (Feb. 14th)

Piana album "Ephemeral"
de:bug charts #1 (12/05)

TG Mauss profile on IA:
authentic electronic pop

Filfla aka Fourcolor aka Fonica releases "frame" on Plop label & profile on IA

MMF improvised electronic music – new profile on IA

mondii track on first spekk label compilation album

MAS release their second album on Tokyo's Flyrec

trico! 2nd Japanese women artist: music for the home

Mapstation, Oliver Hacke, Bergbahn, enna, Shigehiro featured in profile on IA

Webshop has new items: Japanese Electronica CDs

Daniel Fritschi releases his 1st own 12" Intonation EP

IA Webshop for Japanese import CDs goes online

Legofriendly's Bergbahn remix released in Japan

omb release on Japanese Daisyworld, his 2nd album

Piana, Fourcolor, Ichinose plus Waki and xyetm+
New Japanese electronica

Pola, omb, Hashimoto, Sora
New Japanese musicians


Label and Platform

Intervall-audio brings you cutting-edge German and Japanese electronic music from the rich music scenes in Düsseldorf and Tokyo, featuring artist biographies with preview MP3s, free downloadable MP3 netlabel releases, an extensive link section, as well as a CD Web shop for Japanese electronic music import CDs.

Electronic Music

Electronica, IDM, techno, house, click house, minimal, electro-acoustic, folktronica, experimental, Japanese Onkyokei (音響系), glitch, chill out, improvisation, avant-garde, noise, post-techno, post-minimal, silence and
many other styles & subgenres — now we call them all just 'electronic music'.


Intervall-audio is a network, an on-going process and an endeavour to communicate in several mindsets, to cross the distance between places, to network over space and time, and to positively identify and promote the likeness and dissimilitude of two exciting music scenes as they develop.

Why Tokyo?

Tokyo is a living reality — a melting pot of cultures, styles and influences, hosting a vivid and highly sophisticated electronic music scene. Japan has many faces beyond YMO, Ken Ishii, Fumiya Tanaka, Takemura Nobukazu, DJ Krush, Denki Groove or Perfume; and some of them are less known abroad. As a whole, electronic music in Tokyo is just as diverse, individualistic and unique as the people who make it.

Why Dusseldorf?

Duesseldorf has maintained an image of good electronic music since the 1970s: kraut, electro, house, techno, minimal, electronica, etc. Duesseldorf has a lot to offer in art and electronic music: Kraftwerk, Neu!, Der Plan, DAF, Kreidler, Mouse on Mars, etc. There are famous names and as many less well known names. Intervall-audio will introduce you to some of these people.


In music theory, an interval[l] is the difference in pitch between two notes. In elementary algebra, it is a set that contains every real number between two specified numbers. In geography, it denotes the distance or space between two places. In time, it is the duration between two events or occurrence of similar events. And in Japanese music, ma (間) is a term used to describe a period of silence (e.g., the "intervals" or "spaces" between hits on the drum in taiko music), periods that are critical to adding drama, excitement and tension.


Intervall-audio centres on electronic music in Japan and Germany, but you will also find a range of high-quality links to:

- the featured artists' homepages, their music and concerts;

- IA releases, MP3 netlabel releases and other music-related sites;

- a worldwide Web store for Japanese & Japan-related electronic music;

- links to music history, academic articles & electronic music research data;

- links to Japanese language sites, stuff for reading, Japan guides & maps, etc.


You may find some of the areas of this site somewhat underdeveloped. By its nature, Intervall-audio is a work in progress. If you think something essential or relevant to the content of this site is still missing, you are more than welcome to send us your suggestions. Please make sure your suggestion is compatible with Intervall-audio. We will check the content, eventually get back to you and include the info on this Website. Thank you!

Demo Policy

You are a musician and want to be featured on Intervall-audio?
You think that Intervall-audio, as a label, should release your music?

You can send us your music demo (sample CD, CD-R, MP3 links) any time.
Make sure your music is compatible with Intervall-audio before sending it.
Don't forget to include info on you and your music, and please label the CD.
Note that demos are non-returnable, but be assured that we do listen to them!

You can contact us via the suggest form or send your demo directly to:

Stan Eberlein (A & R)
〒 169-0075 東京都

Stan Eberlein (A & R)
Totsuka Mansion 5-C
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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075


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