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[IA.006]  Legofriendly:  Waiting for the Moment  <Digital>   

Legofriendly: Waiting for the Moment

A dystopian vision of Tokyo in 2046 after the Tau Cetians invaded and colonized Japan, turning it into a low-cost manufacturing zone. The music explores our notions of what it is to be 'free' when that freedom is really captive to the whims and lunch plans of the ruling board of directors.

Waiting for the Moment  by Legofriendly challenges our preconceptions of 'melody', 'rhythm' and 'harmony' and deconstructs the artificial, socially constructed ideas of 'the self', 'culture' and 'the zeitgeist' in under 3:40. When the storm's a comin', you better be ready with your digital copy of Waiting for the Moment  to keep you warm and dry inside your hard disk.--> [Top]

Track list, full-track preview and download:

|01| iSpy |02| Queer |03| Africa 70 |04| Malun |05| Cyclo |06| Liggo
|07| Jaundiced |08| Blowout |09| Ultraman

Also available from: iTunes

(Release: 4 November 2014)

View Artwork (1.3 MB)

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[IA.005]  Nobara:  Trail EP  <Free MP3>

Nobara: Trail EP

The tracks on Trail EP  by Colombian-born Japanese musician, Nobara Hayakawa, are a bundle of select experimental shoegaze electronica sketches recorded for different projects using computers, acoustic instruments and voice — together they project a journey back in time into what every person on earth can feel as speaking of something deeply honest and real (including irony).

"Like old friends, my old selves singing about the lives I've lived", is how Nobara herself epitomizes the album. And indeed, taken together, the tracks sound like a chapter closing, like briefly looking back and remembering old and dear (and maybe less dear) things — things that make one wonder for a second, and then briefly smile, before one puts them away to get moving on...

The first track, 'Trail' is "about the love/hate pendular movements that one experiences under the effects of a caprice". 'Hoover Love' features a vacuum cleaner and is part of a project series for domestic machines and voices. 'Alas' (wings) "was made on a Sunday evening, in a state of deep sadness." The next track, 'Desalejar', has got no words at all, since the song is about trust. (Incidentally, desalejar  is the Spanish word for Martin Heidegger's ent-fernung.) The longest track, 'Fuzzy Lady', is an improvisation for washing machine, drum machine, piano and voices. And the final track, 'Homelessness', came "after reading too much Paul Auster and crying too much for the same ghost."

Nobara Hayakawa is a Colombian-born Japanese singer and musician. She studied visual arts at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and currently works as a lecturer at two universities in Bogotá. --> [Top]

Download the release in 320kbps MP3 format:

[IA.005] Nobara: Trail EP (19'10")
(46.6 Mb ZIP archive including artwork)

Preview samples:
|01| Trail
|02| Hoover Love
|03| Alas
|04| Desalejar
|05| Fuzzy Lady
|06| Homelessness

EP booklet (3.2 MB)

Front cover only (230 KB)

(Release: 24 March 2009)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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[IA.004]  Legofriendly:  Egg Beater  <CD & Digital Download>   

Legofriendly: Egg Beater

If Mouse on Mars got totally funked-up, were joined by sound surgeons Autechre, and together somehow captured the pop spirit of I am Robot and Proud, you might end up with something like Egg Beater, the second album by Tokyo-based electronic music duo Legofriendly.

Egg Beater is Legofriendly's second album after Form. The six tracks retain the essential feel from all earlier released tracks, yet also depart from them in densely layered sounds, percussive textures and unexpected angular melodies. Egg Beater is thus at once more determined and playful, yet also a bit mischievous: music to be enjoyed on different levels with each listen!

'Doub', the opener, boasts rip-roaring locomotion set against the chaotic sound of the city. The next track, 'Fidget' is straight-ahead in comparison, yet egged-on boom-cha with a cantering melody, whereas the sonic mania of 'Emergency' resolves into complete mechanical breakdown. Next up is 'Beatnikker', which is ideally enjoyed while waiting for a subway train. 'Flotsam' probably best captures the highly modern, urbanite feel of the entire album and the final cut, 'Straktizm', is a slight, almost gravity-defying tilt-back and chill-out tune with an open ending that leaves only the sound of buzzing Tokyo.

The artwork gives us hints of lines on a floor, an empty background and disembodied legs — a snapshot of motion and stillness that might suffice to characterize the music. Music to dance or listen to — should we call it pop, electronica, instrumental electronic music? The artwork remains silent on these questions, but whether Egg Beater is really dance music of any kind is doubtful. However, the tracks do trace a progression from hectic to calm, with alternating states of 'motion in stillness' and 'stillness in motion' discernible in between.

Egg Beater by Legofriendly is dense urban electronic music composed of unambiguously artificial sounds and ambiguous rhythms — frenetic at times, but never too far 'out there'. --> [Top]

Download: iTunes , Amazon

CD order: IA Web shop

Track list and preview samples (128kbps):

|01| Doub
|02| Fidget
|03| Emergency
|04| Beatnikker
|05| Flotsam (full-length track)*
|06| Straktizm

View Artwork (71 KB)

(Release: 7 June 2008)

|Free bonus MP3| Fidget syntactic (remix by Missing Man Foundation)*

A crispy, pumping juggernaut fest to get your body into shape.

Creative Commons License
*These tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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[IA.003]  Kumiko Okamura:  MDDA  <Free MP3>

Kumiko Okamura: MDDA

Broken Composer Kumiko Okamura, a current resident of the megalopolis of Tokyo but born in the snowy regions of Niigata prefecture, is a self-proclaimed 'broken composer' and 'accident life player'. Her MDDA album, a collection of improvised first-takes recorded onto four-track tape, is full of elegy, poetry and violence — a dream-world that does not serve to prevent, but rather to invite, shock.

Sound Country — Similar to the narrative in novels by Japanese writer and Nobel Laureate, Kawabata Yasunari, the 'sound country' on MDDA is constantly on the verge of disintegration. This landscape is raw and unrefined, full of sound debris, random use of instruments, frantic arrangements, excessive hum, hiss & tape saturation, almost as if the tracks meant nothing at all.

Aesthetization of Shock — Unlike in Kawabata's novels, however, shock on MDDA is not lurking behind the sounds, things and occurrences of an elegiac everyday life. Rather, sound is treated as found objects, objects which in the poetic act become vulnerable themselves. Sound thus turns into a symbol of both the immediacy of shock and the reunion with one's inner nature — because the painful experience of disintegration may just as well be liberating.

Lo-Fi? Oh no, not again! — MDDA is far from opening up new ways in tape music. Instead, the overt disinterestedness in recording technology serves to describe the transience of being, and a gentle sadness at its passing. Kumiko Okamura's tracks make us aware of the fullness of life. And they do so informed by a strong musical instinct. MDDA is more than 1980s underground tape avant-garde music and its re-emergence in recent pop electronica.

Liberation — MDDA is a therapeutic, eclectic and liberating mix of musical influences. One hears K.H. Stockhausen making contact, Yoko Ono singing from inside a closet, Pierre Schaeffer manipulating reels, alongside borrowings from Cologne techno, Group Ongaku, Brian Eno's Music for Airports, and many other vanguard musics — all mashed together into a subconscious image of a sound country that is hard for us to travel if we lack a willingness to be vulnerable and insist that music has to be soothing.

Sound Debris — The recordings on MDDA, engineered by the artist herself, have undergone almost no post-production in order to preserve the original expression and charm of the performances. --> [Top]

Download the release in 224kbps MP3 format:

[IA.003] Kumiko Okamura: MDDA (29'38")
(47.0 Mb ZIP archive including artwork)

Preview samples:
|01| Untitled 1 |02| Untitled 2
|03| Untitled 3 |04| Untitled 4
|05| Untitled 5 |06| Untitled 6

Artwork (260 KB)

(Release: 15 July 2007)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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[IA.002]  Sora:  Live at Metro  <Free MP3>


Sora is the alias of Kyoto-based electronic musician Takeshi Kurosawa. The Japanese word sora (空) means 'sky', 'the blue' or 'the heavens'. But the Japanese character also means 'empty', and the tracks on Live at Metro indeed evoke the peacefully relaxing atmosphere and emptiness of mind that an entire day, from sunrise to sunset, of a summer holiday spent at the beach brings.

We see the first rays of the morning sun flicker through the trees. The air, shimmering and blurred by the heat, gently touches the skin as we walk to the beach. We lie down in the sand's tender warmth and take a nap full of dreams and faint memories, before swimming submersed in the joyful play of bubbles in a glistening sea. By late afternoon, we no longer hear but actually feel the breeze coming in from the sea. And the evening rejoices in the promise of sitting around a beach fire until the last melody disappears into the dark open night over the sea.

Live at Metro is a richly textured, playfully arranged, crisply analogue-sounding electronica opus that testifies to the fine taste of early Plop releases and defined the image and future direction of the label back in 2003. Live at Metro also demonstrates the exceptional talent of a young Japanese artist who, in 2006, played the Plop label showcase at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona as well as Sonar Sound Tokyo.

Originally recorded in 2003, Live at Metro features remixes from Sora's first full-length album re.sort (Plop 2003), as well as hitherto unreleased material. The tracks are skilfully interwoven to form a continuous sound event and therefore are provided in one full-length gapless file for download. With Live at Metro Sora gives us a deeply satisfying 32 minutes of audio exploration that stays with us because it echoes a half-remembered state of bliss, perfect peace and innermost contentment. --> [Top]

Download the release in 320kbps MP3 format:

[IA.002] Sora: Live at Metro
(77.1 Mb: gapless mp3 file)

[IA.002] Sora: Live at Metro (32'06")
(72.7 Mb zip archive: gapless file & artwork)

Preview samples at 128kbps:
|01| (00:00—10:32) rayuela
|02| (10:32—14:00) a caminho do mar
|03| (14:00—16:33) traces
|04| (16:33—21:47) the circluar ruins
|05| (21:47—29:40) satelite towers
|06| (29:40—32:08) the garden of paths

Artwork (113 KB)

(Release: 1 March 2007)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

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[IA.001]  Legofriendly:  Form EP (2006)  <Free MP3>

legofriendly form

Far from 'traditional' dance-oriented electronic music, the six tracks on Form EP (2006) smoothly merge intricately funky rhythms with melodically focussed tunes — from the playfully eccentric 'Jump & Run' and the evocative, slightly pensive 'Autopilot', to the almost prototypical electronica track, 'Milc'. While 'Know-how' is more minimal, bubbling with heavily warped sounds, Form EP also features 'Slipstream', a track that perhaps best exemplifies Legofriendly's music of this period.

Based on live and laptop jamming sessions for a live concert in Tokyo, Form had defined the musical directions of Legofriendly shortly after its formation in 2002. The original limited release CD-R (2003) has been long out of stock, and since there has been quite some demand for it, Form is now made available again as a partly re-recorded and entirely re-mastered, free downloadable netlabel release. With a playing time of almost 34 minutes, Form EP (2006) embodies quirky but determinedly accessible electronic music with some highly catchy tunes, many rhythmic bends & funky edges. --> [Top]

Download the release in 192kbps MP3 format:

[IA.001] Legofriendly: Form EP (2006) (33'35")
(45.9 Mb ZIP archive including artwork)

Individual tracks at 192kbps:
|01| Jump & Run (6.7 Mb)
|02| Know-how (9.4 Mb)
|03| Slipstream (7.2 Mb)
|04| Autopilot (9.1 Mb)
|05| Dynamo (6.4 Mb)
|06| Milc (7.6 Mb)

Artwork (367 KB)

(Release: 1 October 2006)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Download the release in Ogg Vorbis q8 (~300Kbps) format.

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Other free MP3s

In this section you will find free downloadable mp3 releases recommended by Intervall-audio for your listening pleasure:

skab/t "Crooked With These"
A dark and dirty downbeat-driven look at what happens when the milk crate runs dry. Nine tracks of chopped and chomping rhythms licked into a frenzy by warm and distorted basslines and fetishistically sparse melodies. Taking his lead from masters of the dirty cut such as Machine Drum, Proswell, Ilkae and Dabrye, he ties together minimal Jazz, P-Funk and avant-garde explorations with twisted samples and relentlessly churning atmospheres. It's a spooky record, by turns nostalgic, optimistic and reflective.

--> Submit mp3 release!

"Luwis Purpul – King Treasure Box"
Freeta is proud to present a new release from Luwis Purpul. The single "King Treasure Box" features two lovely, dubby, weird tunes that wobble the fine line between dubstep and hiphop. Grab the whole thing as a zip file.

--> Submit mp3 release!

A history of electronic music by Roger Dyole (hosted by Public Service Broadcaster RTÉ).
--> Quote: The jolt of electricity in music... the technical revolution that challenged all ideas of what music is. Roger Doyle tells the story of how, for the first time, music was NOT made by hitting things, blowing into things, scraping things or singing. (Audio links and programme details for the series: The 1950s, The 1960s, The 1970s, The 1980s, The 1990s, 2000 onwards...)

--> Submit mp3 release!

Kim Cascone "The Astrum Argentum"
--> Quote: There is no reason to introduce Kim Cascone, as he is one of the most respected avantgarde musicians in the world of last 30 years. He worked with David Lynch, released his music on Sub Rosa, Mille Plateaux and his own labels Silent and Anechoic.
"The Astrum Argentum" [...] contains field recordings processed with Max/MSP.

--> Submit mp3 release!

(v.a.) "Mizukage Records Compilation vol.01.
--> Quote: 1. 88 kilos of excrement / Beneva vs Clark Nova 04:18 / 7.87 Mb; 2. hikarino sasu houe / ryuto taon 02:58 / 5.44 Mb; 3. zushi_akigawa / Waki 09:06 / 16.6 Mb; 4. dine co 30gms / metamatics 05:57 / 10.9 Mb; 5. Kamui Hidarite / Shintaro Aoki 05:01 / 7.69 Mb; 6. Denshi Tenshin op.01 / Shintaro Aoki 05:03 / 7.62 Mb; 7. d_bohm / Waki 07:24 / 13.5 Mb; 8. Derailleur / Deer 06:42 / 12.2 Mb. Total Download - / 80.8 Mb.

--> Submit mp3 release!

(v.a.) "Tribute to Iannis Xenakis": Kenneth Kirschner, Kevin M. Krebs, Alexei Borisov, Quest.Room.Project, Zenial vs Phillip B. Klingler, CD-R, Alva Noto.
--> Quote: Iannis Xenakis (1922—2001) is one of the most important composers of the 20th century. His works span every media and numerous approaches, electronic and acoustical, from orchestral to "musique concrete". Also a mathematician, experimental engineer and architect, he is a true cult figure. This compilation is a collection of musical dedications to Iannis Xenakis.

--> Submit mp3 release!

Group Ongaku, Japan.
MP3s at UbuWeb:
1. Automatism, 1960.
2. Metaplasm 9-15, 1961.
3. Object, 1960.
--> Quote: Personnel: Takehisa Kosugi, Syuko Mizuno, Mieko Shiomi, Yasunao Tone and others. Recorded: 1960 and 1961 at Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo.

--> Submit mp3 release!

Yoko Ono.
MP3s at UbuWeb:
1. Cough Piece (32:31), Yoko Ono, Cough Piece, 1961. Recorded 1963, Tokyo; 2. Let's Go On Flying (1:10); 3. Snow is Falling All the Time (1:10); 4. Mum's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow (2:13); 5. No Bed for Beatle John (w/John Lennon) (4:44)
--> Tracks 2-5 from Aspen No. 7.

--> Submit mp3 release!

Early Japanese Electronic Music (1956). "Concert 20-21 century vol.7: early tape music"
--> Quote: A concert series of Japanese contemporary music after WWII given at Kioi Hall in Tokyo. This issue includes unreleased and rare tape music.
Toshiro Mayuzumi "Works for musique concrete X. Y. Z (1953, earliest musique concrete in Japan)" Makoto Moroi / Toshiro Mayuzumi "Variations on numerical principle of 7 (1956)" - same source of Hiroshi Shiotani's CD "Oto no Hajimari wo Motomete" - Toru Takemitsu "Vocalism A.I", "Ki. Sora. Tori (Tree. Sky. Bird)", "Clap Vocalism" (1956) Yoshio Hasegawa "A musical tale for radio "The World in the Jar (1956)"
[...] Soundquality is not very good (direct from an old vinyl), but [...]

--> Submit mp3 release!

"Poet at the Piano" by Midori Hirano.
--> Quote: "poet at a piano" is an excellent mini album by the japanese artist, midori. her sonic world brings forth thoughtfulness and delight. uplifting and directly touching the heart, her songs are composed with excellent string arrangements, piano melodies, crunchy beats, and sampled voices. a must for admirers of experimental and emotional music.

--> Submit mp3 release!

(v.a.) / "the noise & the city".
--> Quote: Through the platform that is net label Autres Directions In Music, we suggested musicians from all over the world to revisit their daily environment (urban and sound) : record sounds inside their city, then reprocess the material as much as they like (without adding any kind of rhythm or music), in order to compose a personal piece that should also remind of their original discography.

--> Submit mp3 release!

"The Depressed" by Ryu.
--> Quote: A post sampling kinetic dissipative system of sound in nonequalibrium...
In the words of Gilles Deleuze, this arrangement shows that all kinds of abstract lines (an abstract line not being a geometric line) exist here. In the digital environment where real-time SHINSESHISU can fully be performed, intervention became possible at all musical parameters. [...] Nonheirarchial nonlinear fourth world music by Japanese artist Ryu.

--> Submit mp3 release!

(v.a.) "Señales EP".
-->Quote: Cyan makes its start with a great micro-compilation named ,Senales', containing exclusive tracks by mexican artists Fax, Planktonman, Karras, and Antena, plus Daniel Fritschi from Germany.

--> Submit mp3 release!