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Legofriendly's new album, "Waiting for the Moment" OUT NOW (Nov 4th) --> [IA.006]

Legofriendly & Neohachi & Christophe Charles @ Cocoon Vol. 9 (Nov 11th)

Legofriendly free liveset: Live at Elektron System Exclusive vol. 1 (Dec 14th)

skab/t releases "Crooked With These" (May 17th)
Grab the tunes here!

Hauschka new album on FatCat (Oct. 12th)

Nobara self-releases two 5-track EPs (Oct. 10th)

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Intervall-audio is an electronic music label and artist platform that brings you cutting-edge German and Japanese electronic music, featuring artist biographies with preview MP3s, CD and free downloadable MP3 netlabel releases, electronic music event announcements, an extensive link section, as well as a CD Web shop for Japanese electronic music import CDs.

Legofriendly: "Waiting for the Moment"  OUT NOW !!  < FLAC & MP3>

A dystopian vision of Tokyo in 2046 after the Tau Cetians invaded and colonized Japan, turning it into a low-cost manufacturing zone. The music explores our notions of what it is to be 'free' when that freedom is really captive to the whims and lunch plans of the ruling board of directors. -->[More]

Track list:

|01| iSpy |02| Queer |03| Africa 70 |04| Malun |05| Cyclo |06| Liggo
|07| Jaundiced |08| Blowout |09| Ultraman

Also available at: iTunes

Legofriendly homepage.

Legofriendly:  "Live at Elektron System Exclusive vol. 1"  Free!!

Liveset by Legofriendly recorded in Tokyo on 12 December 2012 at "System Exclusive vol. 1", an event organized by the Japanese subsidiary of Swedish synth-making company Elektron.

Legofriendly Live at Elektron System Exclusive vol. 1 uploaded by duplx.

Legofriendly homepage.

skab/t:  "Crooked With These"  OUT NOW !!  <Free MP3 & FLAC>

"Crooked With These" is a dark and dirty downbeat-driven look at what happens when the milk crate runs dry. Nine tracks of chopped and chomping rhythms licked into a frenzy by warm and distorted basslines and fetishistically sparse melodies. Taking his lead from masters of the dirty cut such as Machine Drum, Proswell, Ilkae and Dabrye, he ties together minimal Jazz, P-Funk and avant-garde explorations with twisted samples and relentlessly churning atmospheres. It's a spooky record, by turns nostalgic, optimistic and reflective.

skab/t is a producer of electronic music who began his first experiments with synthesis in 1992 while at university in Bristol. Based now in Tokyo, he has been involved in the Japanese IDM & Glitch scene for many years, heading up the 'Freeta Corrective' responsible for series of block parties nestled in the maze of Tokyo's busy streets.

Track list (full tracks):

|01| Grand Restart
|02| Brawler (Feat Distruc)
|03| Nine Strum
|04| All For Nought
|05| Trussed
|06| Kanabun Oiran
|07| The Plum One
|08| Andalou
|09| Tygerwoo

skab/t on hopskotch's bandcamp website.

(V.A.)  "Variations for Commune Disc Vol. 1"  OUT NOW !!  <CD>

Remix compilation album featuring collaborations/tracks by Montage, Bergbahn, Legofriendly, Scriptones, Sand For Dayz, Aktion Directe, Die Kosmisch Loops and Fundamentalista!

Track list (preview samples):

|01| Montage – Butterfly Effect
|02| Bergbahn + Legofriendly – Rabbit Nabokov
|03| Bergbahn + Scriptones – Wombat Subflow
|04| Montage – Dream Of Electric Sheep
|05| Montage – Funkadelic Preacher
|06| Montage + Sand For Dayz – Kinky Butter Jam
|07| Montage – Swampman's Folky Blues
|08| Bergbahn – Processed Piano Interlude II
|09| Aktion Directe – Burning/Sketch Of Ballard Land
|10| Die Kosmisch Loops – Hempel's Raven Paradox
|11| Die Kosmisch Loops – Maxwell's Damon
|12| Montage + Jahilliyah – Zombie Argument
|13| Fundamentalista! – Hundredth Monkey
|14| Montage – Flea And A Fly Flew Up The Flue
|15| Montage – Schrodinger Cat

CD order: Intervall-audio web shop

"Test Tone Anthology"  OUT NOW !!  <CD>

A three-disc anthology of live recordings that mark Test Tone's 50th Anniversary, featuring artists as diverse as Damo Suzuki, Tenniscoats, Samm Bennett, OWKMJ, Christophe Charles, L?K?O, Missing Man Foundation, Muddy World, Scriptones and many more.

(V.A.) Test Tone Anthology Disc One
Texture, rhythm and movement in all of its disguises, this anthology disc captures the myriad of expression that has become the hallmark of the Test Tone series at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe. Focusing on riveting improvisation and stark electronica, the music collected here covers a lot of ground, from balloon duets to helicopter compositions and other experiments in noise. Challenging and evocative, this presents wide-angle snapshot of Japan's current wave of international sound pioneers.

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(V.A.) Test Tone Anthology Disc Two
Surrounded by murmurs, footsteps and other environmental accompaniment, these recordings capture the immediacy of resplendent sound on location. This disc could be as much an acoustic exploration of the performance space as it is an aural exploration of the ambient and meditative forms in each track. Beautifully packed into this second disc in the Test Tone Anthology series, steelpans, kalimbas, bells, metronomes and family-sized tuning forks all seem to find a resounding home within the walls of Tokyo's SuperDeluxe.

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(V.A.) Test Tone Anthology Disc Three
This third disc in the Test Tone Anthology series pulls no punches, offering an insider's view of what goes on outside of business hours in downtown Tokyo. An exhilarating dose of tumultuous noise-rock, leftfield jazz freakouts and other explosive encounters make this a compilation for the truly brave at heart. With performances by L?K?O, Kuruu Crew, Damo Suzuki, Muddy World, and a legion international guests, this could in fact be the album that finally completes your collection. Everything you wanted to know about the underground but were afraid to ask.

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Nobara:  "Trail EP"  OUT NOW !!  <Free MP3>

The tracks on Trail EP  by Colombian-born Japanese musician, Nobara, are a bundle of select experimental shoegaze electronica sketches recorded for different projects using computers, acoustic instruments and voice — together they project a journey back in time into what every person on earth can feel as speaking of something deeply honest and real (including irony). --> [More]

Track list (preview samples):

|01| Trail
|02| Hoover Love
|03| Alas
|04| Desalejar
|05| Fuzzy Lady
|06| Homelessness

Nobara profile on IA: Nobara

Trail EP release info: English / 日本語

Legofriendly:  "Egg Beater"  OUT NOW !!  <CD & Digital Download>

If Mouse on Mars got totally funked-up, were joined by sound surgeons Autechre, and together somehow captured the pop spirit of I am Robot and Proud, you might end up with something like Egg Beater, the second album by Tokyo-based electronic music duo Legofriendly. -->[More]

Egg Beater is dense urban electronic music with catchy melodies, funky rhythms and densely-layered audio landscapes — music to be enjoyed on different levels with each listen! --> [More]

The album is available in all major CD chain stores throughout Japan (Tower Records, HMV, etc), in your favourite specialist stores (Warzawa, ONSA, Art Rock No.1, Parallax Records, etc), free of shipping for orders direct from the Intervall-audio web shop, as well as digital downloads from iTunesAmazon.

Track list (preview samples):

|01| Doub
|02| Fidget
|03| Emergency
|04| Beatnikker
|05| Flotsam (free full-length teaser track)
|06| Straktizm


Egg Beater CD release info: English / 日本語

Legofriendly profile on IA: Legofriendly

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