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missing man foundation

Laptop ruminations meet unprepared guitar for a circuitbent listening experience. Missing Man Foundation is a live collaboration between Cal Lyall (Pfeuti, FDF, Cod Head) and Peter Slade (Pfeuti, Legofriendly). After the release of Panic Button on Soundispatch back in 2001, Missing Man Foundation had infrequent slots at events in and around Tokyo (Bullet's, Seco Bar, Velvet Sun), usually with a guest musician in tow.

More recently, MMF makes a more regular appearance at Test Tone, a monthly Soundispatch event at Super Deluxe in Nishi Azabu. Their music takes a semi-improvised approach with push-button guitar, sampler and electronics responding to the beats and shifting, filtered textures of the laptop.

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(V.A.) Test Tone Anthology Disc 1
[CD: medama records, 2009]

A three-disc anthology of live recordings that mark Test Tone's 50th Anniversary, featuring artists as diverse as Damo Suzuki, Tenniscoats, Samm Bennett, OWKMJ, Christophe Charles, L?K?O, Muddy World and many more.

MMF_test tone


(Album) Test Tone Sessions
[CD-R: soundispatch, 2006]

|01| Brain Dust |02| Toy Planetarium |03| Salmonella
|04| Magnetic North |05| A Leap in the Dark
|06| Low Speed Blowout |07| Microsombrero
|08| Ovalium Mutation |09| Cut to the Chase
|10| Fire Escape |11| Consternation Theory
|12| Hasty Departure #8

MMF_panic button


(Album) Panic Button    [CD-R: soundispatch, 2001]

|01| artifact police |02| delayed by rain
|03| panic button |04| hair transmitter
|05| heliocentric |06| valvo |07| gravity fails
|08| whitewash deluxe |09| stop washing
|10| tesla patent |11| soap hostage
|12| farewell horizontal

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