Akira Yamamichi graduated from the Institute of Sound Technology in Tokyo. At the suggestion of Ryoji Ikeda, he started producing music in 1995, and joined Ikeda's "Statics" CD-compilation under his real name.

As a musician and producer, Akira follows a transformational approach to composition. He dissects and analyses ideas and tracks into elements by first writing them as a score. According to the concept, he then shuffles, mixes and rearranges these elements, before actually playing the piece.

Many of Akira's concepts and ideas are derived from mathematics, game theory, language game, architecture & architectural acoustics; he quotes semiology, anthropology, phenomenology, and even thought experiments from novels by J. G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick. Alongside his "Montage" alias, Akira Yamamichi is founder of the "Electroacoustic Jazz Trio." Bergbahn is his click house and electronica solo unit.

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(V.A.) Variations for Commune Disc Vol. 1
[CD: Commune Disc, 2010]

Remix compilation album featuring collaborations/tracks by Montage, Bergbahn, Legofriendly, Scriptones, Sand For Dayz, Aktion Directe, Die Kosmisch Loops and Fundamentalista!


(V.A.) Spray Volume 04    [Digital: moph record, 2009]

|01| Bergbahn, Scriptones – Magic Autopoiesis
|02| Bergbahn, Shotaro Hirata – TrickScript
A two-track EP by Tokyo-based moph record label, featuring one minimal and one techno track by Bergbahn, Scriptones and moph record label owner, Shotaro Hirata.

Design Patterns


(V.A.) Bergbahn remixes vol.2
Design Patterns
    [CD: Code Inc., 2006]

A 13-track Micro House / Minimal House CD with remixes by Legofriendly, Nao Tokui, Salmon, DJ Shirakura:
|01| Bergbahn Non-linear Shifting mix
|09| Bergbahn Witch Glitch DUB
|13| Bergbahn Node-Edge Routing Mix

flux figure transform


(V.A.) Bergbahn remixes vol.1
Flux Figure Transform    [CD: Code Inc., 2004]

A 14-track CD with remixes by Legofriendly, Christophe Charles, slipped disk, Nao Tokui, mjuc, Kozo Inada, and Montage/EJQ's track Harmonic Canon Mix

(Album) Montage (Moniker) – blue vibes
[CD: Universal Language, 2003]

|01| Slum Funk / Nu Clave |02| Brushworks |03| Straight Ahead |04| Nu Clave/Montuno |05| Nueba Descarga
|06| Afro Beat Science |07| Boogie Like Dis Shit |08| Afro Drum Breaks |09| Polytonalities |10| Jazz'n'Poetry On Down Beat |11| Afro Breakbeatz Jazz |12| Blue Vibes
|13| Loft Loop Track |14| Down Tempo/Roots Oriented

(Album) Pulse Tracks    [CD: Code Inc., 2002]

|01| Granuler Objects |02| Pulse Track
|03| Kristal Frequentz |04| Polyrhythmics
|05| Klavierstuck |06| Jaggy FX
|07| Processed Signals I

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