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——TONAL THEORY (Abstract)——

The name Scriptones consists of 'scripton', as it is used in ergodic literature and cybertext theory, and the word 'tones' which refers to the tonal qualities or characters of sounds. Music is defined as a string of sounds: strings as they exist in the music and strings as they are perceived by the listener. In the music itself, the strings exist as textones. To the listener, however, they appear as scriptones. A scriptone is an unbroken sequence and combination of one or more textones as they are projected by the music.

A good example from literature to illustrate this is Raymond Queneau's Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes, a set of 10 sonnets that consist of 140 textons, which in turn can be combined into 'one hundred thousand billion' scriptons. Similar to textons in cybertext and ergodic literature, 'textones' in music are like a database (pitch, length, portamento or the silent interval between sounds), whereas scriptones are meaningful units that can be joined up to make musical structures (notes, melodies, rhythmic patterns or whole parts of a musical form).

Such musical structures, however, are never a complete form without interaction and the process of traversal perception. Thus scriptones are not readily available; they unfold in time, are brought forth by musification and unfold their meaning through playful exploration and interpretation. — Stan Eberlein —

Listen to Scriptones


(V.A.) Variations for Commune Disc Vol. 1
[CD: Commune Disc, 2010]

Remix compilation album featuring collaborations/tracks by Bergbahn, Legofriendly, Scriptones ("Wombat Subflow"), Montage, Sand For Dayz, Aktion Directe, Die Kosmisch Loops and Fundamentalista!


(V.A.) Test Tone Anthology Disc 1
[CD: medama records, 2009]

A three-disc anthology of live recordings that mark Test Tone's 50th Anniversary, featuring artists as diverse as Damo Suzuki, Tenniscoats, Samm Bennett, OWKMJ, Christophe Charles, L?K?O, Muddy World and many more. Listen to the Scriptones preview track here:


(Online) Into Infinity    
[Online exhibition: dublab, 2009]

An art and music exhibition built on audio loops and circular canvases that are available online to the public for sharing, remixing, and resubmission. Among the participating artists are Andrew Peckler, DJ Kensei, Tsujiko Noriko, Riow Arai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Scriptones and many more.


(V.A.) Spray Volume 04    
[Digital download: moph record, 2009]

|01| Scriptones, Bergbahn – Magic Autopoiesis
|02| Bergbahn, Shotaro Hirata – TrickScript
A two-track EP by Tokyo-based moph record label, featuring one minimal and one techno track by Bergbahn, Scriptones, and moph record label owner Shotaro Hirata.

Silva & Scriptones || canawa (full track 2'52" with 4.0 Mb)
Canawa is an Andean grain. It can be turned into agua de canawa (canawa juice) and is consumed by people living at the high altitudes of the Andes for its beneficial effects on the human metabolism. On this track, which was composed, recorded and mastered within 24 hours back in 2007, the retro-styled Roland MC-303 meets the Access Virus b, an advanced simulated analog synthesizer.

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