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A complete band profile, from Thomas Dinger at the time Kraftwerk was founded and his days as a member of "La Düsseldorf" until today, would easily fill a book. So here is just a short outline:

After a couple of years apart, Nils Kristiansen and Thomas Dinger met again in 1986. "What about music? Shouldn't we do something?" That was the start of regular appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Thomas's Studio (except in the summer). 1-A Düsseldorf stuck to this schedule with discipline for eight years — and hundreds of tapes. The philosophy: analogue-analogue — the reels always have to keep turning — the sound always a bit off-key — the notes, the rhythms. The term "rock ragas" captures the concept very well — between two notes there is an infinite number of other notes — lyrics never have anything to do with music — the voice is an instrument — never any political statements about the music — moods and atmospheres are more important than melody.

Following the death of Thomas Dinger in 2002, 1-A Düsseldorf continues turning the reels, most recently with Steffen Domnisch as well as Viktoria Wehrmeister (la! NÊU?).

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(Album) Pyramidblau    [CD: Captain Trip, 2003]

|01| Pyramidblau I |02| Pyramidblau II
|03| Pyramdiblau III |04| Flieg Pharao
|05| 004 |06| Pharaos Reise
|07| Bladdy Bossanova |08| Adieu Thomas

(Album) Live    [CD: Captain Trip, 2001]

|01| Postexpress |02| 1-A
|03| Berlin |04| Danziger Gold
|05| Bis Blut kommt |06| Tanzen

(Album) D.J.F.    [CD: Captain Trip, 2000]

|01| D.J.F. |02| Erdbeeren auf dem Feld für immer
|03| Unschlitt II |04| Goldrausch |05| Furz
|06| Hinter der Zuckerdose ist Krieg

(Album) Königreich Bilk    [CD: Captain Trip, 1999]

|01| Home Sweet Home |02| Unschlitt
|03| Im Märzen der Bauer |04| Königreich Bilk
|05| Bagdad 91 |06| Music is Love is Music
|07| Schlaf mein Engel |08| Sixtinischer Infarkt
|09| Vatter jute Reise |10| Tut Elch Amok

(Album) Fettleber    [CD: Captain Trip, 1999]

|01| Overtüre |02| Olala
|03| Lacomio |04| Rock |05| Gibsen
|06| Gevogeltes |07| Led Fett |08| Fettleber
|09| Kostprobe 3 "Fur Katze Agnes" Welker Brokkoli

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