Dill is the name of Yuji Inoue's solo project. Having collaborated with numerous visual artists and contemporary dance companies in the past, "wyhiwyg" was his first album, released on flyrec. Processing and dissecting the sounds of various acoustic instruments, the human voice, and field recordings, Dill's strange but sublime pieces are a testament to his amazing arrangement skills and his experimental approach to composition. His music is both delicate and bold, hedonistic and stoic, and his sound design is at times even sensual. The crudeness and beauty of Dill's music melt together in an alchemy of sound: "What-you-hear-is-what-you-get."

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tzboguchi trio


(Remix) Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio
    [CD: Flyrec, 2006]

A reconstruction album by pianist & composer Masayasu Tzboguchi (from "Tokyo Zawinul Bach"). Features remixes by Jan Jelinek, AOKI takamasa, Pardon Kimura, Sora, as well as Dill on track: |02| Fujii Drive

dance music for contemporary dance shows

(Album) Dance music for contemporary dance & butoh shows    [CD: Weather / Headz, 2006]

|01| wueqfeth utt norla 1st "kadura" |02| teff quit
|03| unison, shishiodoshi |04| fake the world -sofa play- (spread mix) |05| party dirty daddy |06| ql:u/i
|07| wueqfeth utt norla 2nd "nolzim" |08| M-not
(Original CD-R release by caburetor record.)

Le son sauvage

(V.A.) Le son sauvage -Tokyo Next Texture-
[CD: ewbe, 2005]

|08| Dill ensemble - My tog is convertible for a berceuse
|09| Dill ensemble - Wueqfeth utt norla suite 3rd "ephia"
|10| Dill ensemble - Logic forest



(Album) wyhiwyg    [CD: Flyrec, 2003]

|01| crocked pastor |02| qwerty uiop |03| rotude
|04| up down to there |05| tena
|06| entrap brain myself |07| onpotts
|08| lreil |09| quinquen |10| won noefte jam
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