TG Mauss

TG Mauss

TG Mauss is one alias of Torsten Mauss, one half of the duo Tonetraeger. He unpretentiously calls himself a music layman, unafraid of the term pop. Yet, having savoured both the periods of classical electronic music and the forms of popular music from the 1980s onwards up to the age of electronica, TG Mauss' tracks open up sensitive spaces that redevelop parts of the musical landscape as it forms in our still-young century. So much for the learned architect.

TG Mauss himself, though, would rather speak of his natural disposition to resist following trends too fast. He would explain his search for the uncompromisingly authentic, and claim that he makes music only to entertain his own romantic side: "Pop goes the world!" However, what he does do is sketch the emotionality of the moment — of this particular moment. And accordingly, TG Mauss follows a first-take approach: bass & acoustic guitars, synths and electronics plus fragile lyrics — all recorded directly as the ideas come along.

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(Album) Mechanical Eye    [CD: Quatermass, 2005]

|01| kontiki |02| wood and flowers |03| mechanical eye
|04| bay shore |05| the old song |06| real |07| pacific
|08| places to go |09| ahab |10| it lies within
|11| looking glass |12| goodnight

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