Nao Sugimoto has many faces. He grew up in Chicago, worked in a record store, is the creator and founder of Tokyo-based Plop label; his best known alias is mondii, and he has been running his own label by the name of Spekk since January 2004. His latest project is called enna.

Nao has decided to separate the project names because, as he says: "They follow totally different approaches. It is like choosing which clothes you wear according to your mood. mondii is a free-style project, enna focuses on beat-oriented material. I don't think there are any similarities between them because when I produce mondii tracks, it just comes out from nothing, whereas I am conscious of existing 'dance' formats when I make enna tracks."

At times, enna touches on house music (though with funny titles), but whether it is mondii solo, his RdL band, or enna beats, there is always a natural and modest attitude towards music and life.

 Interview with Nao Sugimoto
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