Flatic is a DJ/artist from Tokyo, Japan. He produces mainly sampler-based deep house tracks influenced by electronica, breakbeats, hip hop, techno, etc. In 2003, he released his first album "Nano/Youth" (Plop). Flatic has also participated in various Japanese compilations such as O-parts recording, Farlove, and others. He is a member of the multi-creator collective Tashahisha.

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flatic_nano youth


(Album) Nano/Youth    [CD: Plop, 2003]

|01| push start button ... |02| proto landscape #2
|03| kecak |04| SOL feat. SAT |05| closer to the source
|06| beats : galxxyz |07| vanishing point
|08| nano/youth |09| error landscape |10| full tune
|11| ghost |12| eletype feat. daikei |13| nothing ...

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