Waki is a minimal electronic musician and producer from Tokyo. He was born in 1967, started making music at the age of 15, and studied Music Aesthetics at Kyoto University. In 1995, Waki founded his own label "Loveburger" to release his own chill music as well as venture into different genres such as the girlie pop duo "Gummy".

Taking a natural approach to music, Waki uses analogue gear exclusively. As his full name "Wakisaka" suggests, his music takes many "side slopes" that invite people to rejoice in solemn laziness. More recently, he has also become interested in the "Yotsu-uchi" style, i.e. 4/4 beats such as techno, house, etc.

Waki runs the no-charge electronic music event "Berlin Café" — every second Saturday night at Hatsutobara in Shibuya, Tokyo.

 Loveburger homepage
 Berlin Café at Hatsutobara (bi-monthly free music event in Tokyo)

Listen to Waki

Mitsukage compilation vol.01

(V.A.) Mitsukage Records Compilation Vol.01
[Free mp3: Mizukage, 2007]

A free downloadable compilation under CC license, featuring remixes of and original tunes by Beneva vs Clark Nova, ryuto taon, metamatics, Shintaro Aoki, Deer, and two tracks by Waki, called zushi akigawa and d_bohm.

Nordform compilation vol. 2

(V.A.) Subatomik
Nordform Compilation Vol. 2
    [CD: Nordform, 2006]

A compilation with tracks by Bernstein, Mitsuaki Komamura, Kimken, Me-sheen, Waterprotection, Jonah Sharp, Ryuu Yotsumoto, Yasuharu Motomiya, as well as the opening track by Waki, called Human Being.

Waki people

(Album) Music for Waki People
[CD: databloem, 2004]

|01| crystal of water |02| dreams
|03| job |04| asia |05| submarine |06| city
|07| tapwater |08| reflection |09| hotaru
|10| salvia |11| hanshin kousoku

Waki life and space

(Album) Life and Space    [CD: Loveburger, 2003]

|01| A 45 minutes live improvisation

plop_micro blue

(V.A.) Micro Blue    [CD: Plop, 2002]

A 14-track compilation featuring tracks by artists from Japan and worldwide, including Geoff White, Fonica, drummatic, Dorine_Muraille, Rip-off Artist, Taisuke Matsuo, Omb, Onpack, Yuzo Kako Jetone, Neina, mondii as well as a track by Waki called crystal of water.

Waki lazy people

(Album) Music for Lazy People    [CD: Traum, 2002]

|01| visitors |02| baikamo |03| nagi |04| july
|05| steve |06| kobe |07| guitar |08| crawl
|09| tutti |10| dance |11| [video: astro]

Waki shuku

(Album) Shuku    [CD: Loveburger, 2002]

|01| A 15 minutes improvisation
|02| A 15 minutes improvisation

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